Seanapps technology allows you to stay in connection with your boat, even while your not there!

Keeping on top of maintenance has never been easier with Seanapps integrated maintenance log book. The log book allows you to schedule directly with your Beneteau Service provider, and store Receipts and other service information within the app, all in one place.

This application gives you all your boat data in one place-  from navigation features such as depth, speed & wind information to Fuel and Water tank levels, and other safety features, such as GPS Position, Engine information and battery level.

For the 2022 boating season, selected ranges and models from the Beneteau POWER and SAIL range will be equipped as standard. By 2025, all 9,000 boats built every year by Groupe Beneteau will be equipped with SEANAPPS as standard equipment.  

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Developed together between BENETEAU and Sentinel Marine Solutions, this on-board smart application enables boaters, dealers and charter companies to connect to their boat or fleet at any time. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE to see some of its many great features >>