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August 2019

Entry Level Gran Turismo 32 and Gran Turismo 36 Announced

22 August 2019 | Beneteau

Beneteau have just announced an exciting new release to form a part of the Gran Turismo family. The Gran Turismo 32 and 36 are set for release at the Cannes Yachting Festival and launch the new look for the future of the GT line. Gran Tursimo 32 renderings 5 As the range... Continue Reading

Excess Catamaran in Sight

8 August 2019 | Beneteau

The all new Excess Catamaran has officially splashed, unveiling impressive first look images of the 12[[sitetree_link,id=]#https:/] and 15[[sitetree_link,id=]#https:/] models. An exciting transition from the virtual sphere to the real one, the Excess has character, and is sure to spice things up in the Cat world. Revealed is a sleek grey hull with... Continue Reading

July 2019

Swift Trawler 41 Set to Debut

23 July 2019 | Beneteau

Having won the hearts of long-distance boaters worldwide, the Swift Trawler is back with the soon to be released Swift Trawler 41. Designed to replace the 44 model, the 41 is a practical seaworthy cruiser with a strikingly stylish design. Set to debut at the Cannes Yacht Festival in 2019 along with... Continue Reading

Benetau's All New Monte Carlo 52 set to launch at Cannes Yacht Festival

11 July 2019 | Beneteau

The All New Monte Carlo 52 Beneateau has announced the upcoming release of the new model Monte Carlo 52[/beneteau-power/monte-carlo/new-monte-carlo-52/] at this year’s Cannes Yacht Festival in September. Set to replace the Monte Carlo 5, this eagerly anticipated model is a new generation of “Smart Luxury” high-end cruiser, combining the best of French... Continue Reading