Beneteau Build Quality

You’re not just buying a boat with Beneteau. You’re buying a trusted brand which has become world renown for perfecting it’s build process and delivering to the highest standard. They’ve tried and tested their methods over 130 years in business to offer the highest quality to value ratio on the market, and this gives you complete peace of mind when making your order.’s Christopher Hugh sums it up when he says; “the level of detail applied to quality assurance was one of the highest I have witnessed in more than the 160 factories I have visited around the world,” following his visit to Beneteau manufacturing facilities in France.


How is Quality Assured?

There are many phases involved in constructing each boat, and Beneteau has perfected every single area through years of extensive research and development. This means that each Beneteau is crafted with the most durable, efficient, and cost effective materials on the market.


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High End Materials

The high end Balsa core is just one of them, and is used as a sandwich laminate between fiberglass to make the hulls of the desired structure and strength. While the design team creates the admired hard chined hull shapes of their yachts, the production team pulls through on making them perfect every time with materials that are light weight and durable. Each new build is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets every standard, and the buyer is kept informed during each step of the process.



Perfection in Every Panel

Another example is how the wood for each vessel is sourced and produced. One dedicated factory in France is in charge of ensuring each panel is perfect, and will resist even the harshest of marine conditions. The wood chosen for this process is Alpi Wood, and also comes from a certified renewable source. 



Other areas include robotic technology to maintain consistency in the finishings, and skilled personnel across the globe to manage the processes. Above all, the buyer is kept at the forefront of each custom build and regarded with integrity to ensure the same exceptional service and production is received. 

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World leaders in Quality

Simply put, the Beneteau build quality is second-to-none. The processes, production, and materials that go into every vessel have been given careful thought and consideration. The benchmark is constantly being lifted through never-ending research and development, and this is what keeps Beneteau at the world’s leading edge of boat producers. 

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