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First 36

Back by popular demand, the First 36 is a welcomed return to a renewed range of legendary First racers and cruisers. A much-loved design in the New Zealand yachting scene, the First 36 has a mission to bridge the divide between a technical racing yacht and a functional family cruiser made available at an accessible price point. The standard version of the First 36 promises to be able to fully plane in a moderate breeze.

Key Features:

  • Low displacement planing hull
  • High sail area to displacement coefficient
  • Traveller
  • Adjustable Jib inhauler
  • Your choice of racing or cruising cockpit layout
  • Harken, Ronstan, Spinlock and Antal deck fittings 
  • Aluminium Spars
  • Cast Iron keel with draft of 2.25m
  • Largest Interior space in class
  • One of the largest galleys in class
  • High fiddles for safety downstairs
  • Ultralight swim platform
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The Beneteau First 36 is a stunning collaboration between Seascape and Beneteau, offering a perfect mix of racing, cruising, and leisure. Designed by industry legends Samuel Manuard, Lorenzo Argento, Pure Design, and Gigo Design, this boat embodies passion and expertise. The First 36 caters to both amateur and seasoned sailors, ensuring an exceptional sailing experience in various conditions.

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The First 36 was designed to hit the sweet spot between cruising and racing. The hull is very low displacement and will plane in a moderate breeze. This brings planning hulls into the realm of amateur sailing and club racing. The deck layout has also been designed with shorthanded and fully crewed sailing in mind.
The high sail area/ displacement coefficient mean this boat sails fast and will be a top performer as a club-racer as well as a safe and fun family cruiser.

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A true middle ground between cruising and racing. The First 36 offers a very generous and well thought out interior layout. The interior is one of the largest in its class and has the same living volume as the First 40.7.
The galley is very generously sized, with a large central fridge and foldable and removable benchtops and cutting board for racing. The table can also be folded and removed for racing and ease of access around the cabin.

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The boats cockpit can be easily adapted for racing or cruising. The racing layout offers different helm and trim positions for short-handed or fully crewed sailing. The steering wheels are positioned higher than standard, so that the helmsperson can move forward to the winches with ease for sailing shorthanded. The table and benches can be removed to save weight and for extra working room in the cockpit. When cruising, the cockpit benches with cushions increase the seating area and add storage space and rope organisation. Six crew can fit around the cockpit table, and the ultralight bathing platform gives ease of access to the water. This setup makes the boat very comfortable and a fantastic platform for entertaining.



The First 36 is here to impress, and the clever features of this design have not gone unnoticed. Claiming the prestigious European Yacht of the Year 2023 in the Performance Cruiser category, there F36 has also gone on to sweep up a long list of awards, including: 
The Sail Top 10 Best Boats 2023, Sailing World's Boat of the Year for 2023, The British Yachting Awards Best Performance Yacht of the Year and Voile Magazine Sailboat of the Year!

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"It is a superb marriage of design, engineering and industrial nous...."
"A stiff, planing boat that puts the focus back on sailing is surely the way to go. Easy speed equates to more sailing time. The 36 is indeed class. First class."

Yachting World Review



  • Naval architect: Samuel Manuard
  • Interior design: Lorenzo Argento
  • Hull Length: 11m
  • Hull Beam: 3.8m
  • Light Displacement: 4800kg
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