Beneteau, a leader in boat manufacturing since 1884, combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create exceptional sailboats, motorboats, and luxury vessels. Renowned for innovation, quality, and performance, Beneteau caters to both leisure cruisers and competitive racers.


Beneteau constantly pushes design and innovation boundaries in their production boats. With over 140 years in the industry, they have built a worldwide reputation for perfection and quality through extensive research and development.


Beneteau collaborates with top designers, engineers, and naval architects, investing heavily in manufacturing technologies to ensure consistent, high-quality results, producing finely crafted vessels that exemplify excellence.


Beneteau constantly strives to brighten boat interiors and enhance functionality. Their range covers all types of boating, from family cruising and entertaining to fishing and offshore adventures. With production builds often more affordable than expected, there's a Beneteau boat to suit every need.


Beneteau yachts are ideal for New Zealand's challenging waters. Their robust design and advanced technology suit New Zealand's diverse coastal and offshore conditions. Whether exploring South Island fjords or racing in Auckland regattas, Beneteau yachts blend speed, stability, and comfort. With bright interiors and functional spaces, they cater to family cruising, entertaining, fishing, and offshore adventures. As an exclusive dealership, 36 Degrees Brokers brings Beneteau's legacy of excellence to New Zealand, ensuring endless support and service for our clients.

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NZ Delivery and Commissioning

36° Brokers is partnered with Nautica Shipping & Logistics and will ensure your vessel is shipped safely to New Zealand. 36° Brokers is highly equipped to handle every aspect of your Beneteau, from production to layouts, configurations, system installations, and finishing details. Once landed in New Zealand, commissioning your new Beneteau can be complex, and we will be there every step of the way and offer continued support after delivery.

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Euro Pick Up

Picking up your Beneteau directly from the factory in Europe is ideal for those looking to cruise the Mediterranean or other dream destinations worldwide. This option reduces costs by eliminating shipping and logistics expenses. 36° Brokers will facilitate the process, providing on-the-ground support in Europe. We ensure a smooth handover by thoroughly checking all systems before departure, offering peace of mind as you begin your journey. Enjoy exploring European waters before heading home, all while benefiting from cost savings and expert assistance from 36° Brokers.


Warranty and Spare Parts

At 36° Brokers, we offer exceptional after-sales support to ensure your yachting experience is smooth and enjoyable. Our dedicated team specializes in the warranty process and ordering spare parts, providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Trust our experts for ongoing maintenance and service.

For Beneteau spare parts, email with Make, Model, Year, Hull Number, and the required part (photo if possible). For maintenance, warranty, and comprehensive support, contact

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Beneteau spans all boating facets, from inboard power to luxury sports cruisers and yachts, with adaptable features. Designers and architects like Berret Racoupeau, Finot Conq, and Natua Design drive holistic improvements. Technologies such as Volvo IPS, Submersible Swim Platform, Mainsail Arch, Ship Control, and Airstep Hull enhance functionality. Years of feedback and testing contribute to Beneteau's world-class craftsmanship and cutting-edge designs.

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Beneteau integrates aeronautical technology with elegant design, creating a new era of effortless and enjoyable boating. They balance classic profiles with modern tech, ensuring a seamless experience. Features include a submersible swim platform, Ship Control for tablet-based system management, and Seanapps for remote connectivity and maintenance scheduling. By 2025, all new Beneteau models will have Seanapps. Yachts over 40 feet boast a mainsail arch for efficient sail trimming and a safer cockpit. Air Step Hull technology enhances speed, comfort, stability, and fuel efficiency, with Air Step 2 further improving performance with IPS Volvo engines.

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Build Quality

For over 130 years, Beneteau has been at the forefront of innovation, developing high-performing, robust, and environmentally friendly boats. Pioneering the use of new materials, their R&D engineers and technicians continuously seek progress and improvement, ensuring boats meet high standards of design, practicality, and quality. With a deep expertise in composites, Beneteau excels in building boats that withstand varied environmental stresses while remaining light and strong. Utilising a sophisticated life-cycle management solution (Product Lifecycle Management) combined with CAD and CAM tools, BENETEAU coordinates complex processes from design to delivery, optimising performance and ensuring reliability. Their renowned cabinetmaking workshop in Vendée, Europe's largest, offers a wide choice of wood types and finishes, showcasing their age-old craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.