Excess, a dynamic brand from Groupe Beneteau, blends performance, comfort, and style. Designed with a contemporary approach, they appeal to sailors seeking a modern, sporty experience. Crafted with attention to detail and incorporating the latest advancements in boat design and technology, Excess Catamarans ensure a thrilling and enjoyable sailing experience.

NZ's coastlines and varied marine environments are ideal for Excess Catamarans, known for their sporty design, responsive handling, and robust performance. Whether exploring the North Island's bays or the South Island's fjords, they deliver an exceptional sailing experience. Balancing performance and comfort, their sleek design ensures excellent sailing capabilities, while spacious interiors provide comfort for cruising, entertaining, and adventures.

As the official South Pacific dealers of Excess Catamarans, 36 Degrees Brokers is proud to bring the brand to New Zealand, offering outstanding support and service to ensure your experience is exceptional. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or new to catamarans, Excess offers a vessel that will meet and exceed your expectations, making your maritime adventures in New Zealand truly memorable.

The Excess Mission: Make you feel those great sailing sensations!


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The Brand

Excess Catamarans emerges from a vision of innovation and dynamic sailing experiences. Breaking away from traditional norms, Excess embodies a modern, qualitative personality, redefining the codes of sailing. With a focus on balance, performance, and adaptability, Excess catamarans offer an exhilarating blend of comfort and sailing sensations. From meticulously designed interiors to efficient rigging and hulls, every aspect is tailored to meet the evolving expectations of contemporary sailors.

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Designed by VPLP, specialists in ocean racing, Excess Catamarans combine increased sail area, forward-stepped rigs, and twin helm stations for superior handling and thrilling experiences on the water. Excess Catamarans focus on reducing environmental impact with features like greater sail area for reduced engine use, bio-sourced resins, and the introduction of natural fibers like hemp in construction. The launch of our electric propulsion prototype, Excess 15 “E’Lab”, showcases our dedication to sustainable, reliable, and affordable solutions.

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The Excess Tribe

Excess believe in the power of collaboration. That's why Excess created the Excess Lab - a platform where you can engage with the Excess design team, naval architects, and specialists. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes, contribute your ideas, and play a role in selecting features for upcoming Excess catamarans. Your feedback drives innovation, helping to push the boundaries of design. 

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NZ Delivery

36° Brokers is partnered with Nautica Shipping & Logistics and will ensure your vessel is shipped safely to New Zealand. 36° Brokers is highly equipped to handle every aspect of your Excess, from production to layouts, configurations, system installations, and finishing details. Once landed in New Zealand, commissioning your new Excess can be complex, and we will be there every step of the way and offer continued support after delivery.

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Euro Pick Up

Picking up your Excess directly from the factory in Europe is ideal for those looking to cruise the Mediterranean or other dream destinations worldwide. This option reduces costs by eliminating shipping and logistics expenses. 36° Brokers will facilitate the process, providing on-the-ground support in Europe. We ensure a smooth handover by thoroughly checking all systems before departure, offering peace of mind as you begin your journey. Enjoy exploring European waters before heading home, all while benefiting from cost savings and expert assistance from 36° Brokers.

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Warranty and Spare Parts

At 36° Brokers, we offer exceptional after-sales support to ensure your yachting experience is smooth and enjoyable. Our dedicated team specializes in the warranty process and ordering spare parts, providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Trust our experts for ongoing maintenance and service.

For Excess spare parts, email parts@36degrees.nz with Make, Model, Year, Hull Number, and the required part (photo if possible). For maintenance, warranty, and comprehensive support, contact services@36degrees.nz.

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