Opua update: 36º going strong in the North

16 August 2018 | 36 Degrees News

It’s been a busy winter in the little township of Opua, where more boaties are continuing to use the growing amount of services offered, including our Northland 36 Degrees brokers branch.

Situated at the harbor entrance in a prime spot to watch the incoming and outgoing cruisers, the office has been well visited during what has traditionally been known as a ‘quiet time’, with more people popping in to list, sell, or simply chat about their boating options.

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General growth in the area has included the completion of the Bay of Islands Marina expansion, which has created 146 extra berths and can now accommodate larger boats than ever before.  

More boaties have also been turning ‘local’ to use the boatbuilding, engineering, sail-making and service work offered on the spot.

“For a small area, Opua really has it’s act together. There’s a lot of professionals working here who are some of the best in the industry. It’s been a pleasure to work in with these fellow companies to help promote the boats we have for sale, as well as offering advice for clients looking to upgrade or sell on” explains local broker Robbs Hielkema.

Also part of Opua’s Business Association, Robbs travelled to Tahiti this Winter to promote the services on offer and engage the cruisers planning on heading to New Zealand.

He’s predicting another busy cruising period with many Kiwis returning to their homeland after enjoying their Winter around the pacific, as well as international visitors who will dock in to their furthermost port.


For now, there’s been plenty of action on the local market with people listing or thinking about buying for the coming summer.

“We’re enjoying seeing the regular faces that pop in to say hi, and as always, look forward to meeting people for the first time,” says Robbs.

With more tales from the high seas set to come in during peak cruising season from October, there’s no doubt we’ll be in for another fun Springtime in the Bay.

If ever you’re in and around Opua, please feel free to pop in and say hi.

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