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Figaro Beneteau 3

"There is no such thing as the right boat for everyone, but there is the right boat for the right time. For today’s fervent offshore racing soloists and doublehanded teammates, that boat — right here, right now — is the Figaro Beneteau 3." - full story from Sailing World following the Figaro's crowing as Boat of the Year 2018 HERE. 

The predecessor of the Figaro 2 is equipped with foils, a better-performing ballast-free hull, a more slender and deeper keel, setback mast, and a whopping sail area. Designed to meet the requirements of the Solitaire URGO le Figaro circuit, this impressive build aims to continue uniting the best offshore racing sailors. 

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Foils and Keel

Contrary to Imoca 60 foils, the FB3 foils have an inward-facing profile, and the way they operate is different. They are versatile foils that create drift reduction and improve the boat's righting moment, ultimately improving the boat's overall performance. The keel, designed with a straight blade, creates minimum drag. Supplementary drift reduction is provided by the foils. 

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Hull shape, Mast and Sail Layout

Made of foam sandwich, fibreglass and polyester infused resin, the hull is in tune with modern race yachts in it's build. The set-back mast allows for balance under sail while also enabling larger sail area to be carried. This is seen with high performance sails and the addition of a bowsprit. Solo sailors will sail with a square-top mainsail, a genoa and jib, and also a masthead spinnaker (105m2) to gain speed in a light breeze. 


  • Naval architect: Van Peteghem – Lauriot Prévost
  • Length Over All: 10.85m
  • Hull Length: 975m
  • Hull Beam: 3.4m
  • Light Displacement: 2900kg

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