Dock & Go Technology

Even a child would be capable of docking a 50ft yacht with this intuitive technology onboard. Exclusive to Beneteau, Dock & Go technology has been making waves for revolutionising the way yachts are moved under power. In a nutshell, the system uses a joystick to coordinate a pivoting propeller and bowthruster, which in turn makes docking in even the most tidal of marinas a breeze.


The ability to move sideways, forward, or backwards with one swift movement while the helm remains locked automatically is a huge attraction for cruisers and is offered as an option on many of the Beneteau models today.

See a demonstration: 


dockngo 01

Total Control

At the movement of a fingertip, 90° translation can be achieved to port or starboard. This system delivers the same power as an engine and standard bow thruster. The bow drive, making drawing alongside easier, is synchronised with a saildrive pod rotating to 360°. Forward and reverse on the spot rotation enable you to move the boat in a limited space and access the most difficult harbour berths.

dockngo 02

Safer Maneuvering

Dock & Go is designed to rotate the sail drive when reversing, without loosing power. The rotation of the pod to 180° means that the lifting propeller can deliver the same speed in both forward and reverse. This combined with the bow drive makes the Dock & Go system a much easier and safer way to maneuver in tight spaces.